publishes two types of special collections—Special Features and Forums.

Special Features

Special Features are sets of related articles addressing specific themes or deriving from joint projects, of broad interest. Special Features may fall within a single knowledge domain or be cross-listed under two or more domains; in either case, a single Editor-in-Chief will oversee the entire Special Feature.They are a unique opportunity for a team of authors to present research together, whether it falls into a single discipline, or multiple knowledge domains.

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Forums are intended to stimulate knowledge sharing and debate by focusing sharply on specific opportunities and challenges. The goal is to facilitate dialog across diverse fields of human endeavor on the challenges of achieving transitions to sustainability and mitigating environmental problems, and to generate the knowledge most needed to inform and promote those approaches. Forums are often launched with invited framing article(s) that pose key questions designed to prompt open submissions over six months or a longer period of time. Invited videos, audio, and other visual contributions may be part of a Forum.

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