Special Feature: Advances in Ocean Acidification Research

Collection launched: 20 Oct 2016

Principal Investigator

Terrie Klinger, University of Washington, USA
Jan Newton, University of Washington, USA 

Focus on dynamic coastal systems
Ocean acidification is widely recognized as a threat to ocean ecosystems. Ocean observations have revealed steady changes in the ocean carbon system associated with increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide. At the same time, perturbation experiments performed in the laboratory and field have demonstrated generally negative biological responses to the observed changes in carbon system variables. Advancing the state of ocean acidification science now requires expanding the focus of inquiry in ways that will help to anticipate the state of the future ocean and its effects on mankind. This Special Feature invites contributions that provide new insights into multiple stressors, ecological and evolutionary processes, systems-level interactions, and policy responses as they relate to ocean acidification. Contributions that address ocean acidification in the context of global ocean change are especially welcome.


Collection Articles

Research Article
Using integrated, ecosystem-level management to address intensifying ocean acidification and hypoxia in the California Current large marine ecosystem
Terrie Klinger, Elizabeth A. Chornesky, Elizabeth A. Whiteman, Francis Chan, John L. Largier, W. Waldo Wakefield

Research Article
Using mineralogy and higher-level taxonomy as indicators of species sensitivity to pH: A case-study of Puget Sound
Shallin Busch and Paul McElhany

Research Article
Seasonal variation in aragonite saturation in surface waters of Puget Sound – a pilot study
Gregory Pelletier, Mindy Roberts, Mya Keyzers, Simone R. Alin