Special Feature: Biogeochemical Exchange Processes at Sea-Ice Interfaces (BEPSII)

Collection launched: 23 Jan 2015

Collection closed: 18 July 2017

Principal Investigators

Nadja Steiner, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Jaqueline Stefels, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Assessing biogeochemical and physical processes at the ocean-ice-snow-atmosphere interfaces and their role in the climate system
Current models are inadequate to represent and quantify biogeochemical processes in sea ice areas and hence to estimate impacts on the regional and global climate. The SCOR WG BEPSII aims at identifying the feedbacks between biogeochemical and physical processes at the ocean-ice-snow-atmosphere interfaces and within the sea-ice matrix and their role on various scales (from micro to global). This Special Feature summarizes methods for observing sea-ice biogeochmistry, provides guidelines for productive collaboration between modellers and observationalists, reviews the status and gaps of major biogeochemical processes, and summarizes results from modelling studies.

Collection Articles

Commentary on the outputs and future of Biogeochemical Exchange Processes at Sea-Ice Interfaces (BEPSII)
Nadja Steiner, Jacqueline Stefels

Research Article
Long-term mesoscale variability of modelled sea-ice primary production in the northern Baltic Sea
Letizia Tedesco, Elina Miettunen, Byoung W. An, Jari Haapala, Hermanni Kaartokallio

Research Article
Macro-nutrient concentrations in Antarctic pack ice: Overall patterns and overlooked processes
François Fripiat, Klaus M. Meiners, Martin Vancoppenolle, Stathys Papadimitriou, David N. Thomas, Stephen F. Ackley, Kevin R. Arrigo, Gauthier Carnat, Stefano Cozzi, Bruno Delille, Gerhard S. Dieckmann, Robert B. Dunbar, Agneta Fransson, Gerhard Kattner, Hilary Kennedy, Delphine Lannuzel, David R. Munro, Daiki Nomura, Janne-Markus Rintala, Véronique Schoemann, Jacqueline Stefels, Nadja Steiner, Jean-Louis Tison

Research Article
Assessment of the sea-ice carbon pump: Insights from a three-dimensional ocean-sea-ice-biogeochemical model (MPIOM/HAMOCC)
R. Grimm, D. Notz, R.N. Glud, S. Rysgaard, K.D. Six

Iron in sea ice: Review and new insights
D. Lannuzel, M. Vancoppenolle, P. van der Merwe, J. de Jong, K.M. Meiners, M. Grotti, J. Nishioka, V. Schoemann

Research Article
Influence of short-term synoptic events and snow depth on DMS, DMSP, and DMSO dynamics in Antarctic spring sea ice
Gauthier Carnat, Frédéric Brabant, Isabelle Dumont, Martin Vancoppenolle, Stephen F. Ackley, Chris Fritsen, Bruno Delille, Jean-Louis Tison

Research Article
Primary production calculations for sea ice from bio-optical observations in the Baltic Sea
Susann Müller, Anssi V. Vähätalo, Jari Uusikivi, Markus Majaneva, Sanna Majaneva, Riitta Autio, Janne-Markus Rintala

Research Article
Incorporation of iron and organic matter into young Antarctic sea ice during its initial growth stages
Julie Janssens, Klaus M. Meiners, Jean-Louis Tison, Gerhard Dieckmann, Bruno Delille, Delphine Lannuzel

Research Article
Assessment of the sea-ice carbon pump: Insights from a three-dimensional ocean-sea-ice biogeochemical model (NEMO-LIM-PISCES)
Sébastien Moreau, Martin Vancoppenolle, Laurent Bopp, Oliver Aumont, Gurvan Madec, Bruno Delille, Jean-Louis Tison, Pierre-Yves Barriat, Hugues Goosse

Research Article
Bacterial use of choline to tolerate salinity shifts in sea-ice brines
E. Firth, S.D. Carpenter, H.L. Sørensen, R.E. Collins, J.W. Deming

Research Article
Air-ice carbon pathways inferred from a sea ice tank experiment
Marie Kotovitch, Sébastien Moreau, Jiayun Zhou, Martin Vancoppenolle, Gerhard S. Dieckmann, Karl-Ulrich Evers, Fanny Van der Linden, David N. Thomas, Jean-Louis Tison, Bruno Delille

Research Article
The role of open lead interactions in atmospheric ozone variability between Arctic coastal and inland sites
Peter K Peterson, Kerri A Pratt, William R Simpson, Son V Nghiem, Lemuel X Pérez Pérez, Eric J Boone, Denis Pöhler, Johannes Zielcke, Stephan General, Paul B Shepson, Udo Frieß, Ulrich Platt, Brian H Stirm

Practice Bridge
What sea-ice biogeochemical modellers need from observers
Nadja Steiner, Clara Deal, Delphine Lannuzel, Diane Lavoie, François Massonnet, Lisa A. Miller, Sebastien Moreau, Ekaterina Popova, Jacqueline Stefels, Letizia Tedesco

Research Article
Assessing the O2 budget under sea ice: An experimental and modelling approach
S. Moreau, H. Kaartokallio, M. Vancoppenolle, J. Zhou, M. Kotovitch, G. S. Dieckmann, D.N. Thomas, J.-L. Tison, B. Delille

Research Article
Temporal and spatial variability in sea-ice carbon:nitrogen ratios on Canadian Arctic shelves
Andrea Niemi, Christine Michel

The relationship between sea ice bacterial community structure and biogeochemistry: A synthesis of current knowledge and known unknowns
Jeff S. Bowman 

Methods for biogeochemical studies of sea ice: The state of the art, caveats, and recommendations
Lisa A. Miller, Francois Fripiat, Brent G.T Else, Jeff S. Bowman, Kristina A. Brown, R. Eric Collins, Marcela Ewert, Agneta Fransson, Michel Gosselin, Delphine Lannuzel, Klaus M. Meiners, Christine Michel, Jun Nishioka, Daiki Nomura, Stathys Papadimitriou, Lynn M. Russell, Lise Lotte Sørensen, David N. Thomas, Jean- Louis Tison, Maria A. van Leeuwe, Martin Vancoppenolle, Eric W. Wolff, Jiayun Zhou

Research Article
A model-based analysis of physical and biological controls on ice algal and pelagic primary production in Resolute Passage
Eric Mortenson, Hakase Hayashida, Nadja Steiner, Adam Monahan, Marjolaine Blais, Matthew A. Gale, Virginie Galindo, Michel Gosselin, Xianmin Hu, Diane Lavoie and Christopher John Mundy

Microalgal community structure and primary production in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice: A synthesis
Maria van Leeuwe, Letizia Tedesco, Kevin R. Arrigo, Philipp Assmy, Karley Campbell, Klaus M. Meiners, Janne-Markus Rintala, Virginia Selz, David N. Thomas, Jacqueline Stefels