Special Feature: Marginal Ice Zone Process in the Summertime Arctic

Collection launched: 31 Mar 2016

Guest Editors

Craig M. Lee, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington
Jeremy Wilkinson, British Antarctic Survey
Jim Thomson, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington
Ted Maksym, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Marginal ice zone processes
Rapid decline in Arctic summertime sea ice extent has produced extensive seasonal ice zones, where broad marginal ice zones separate pack ice from open water. The Office of Naval Research Marginal Ice Zone program focused on the processes that control evolution of the marginal ice zone and the potential changes that may accompany increased seasonality of sea ice. The complex interplay between ice, ocean and atmospheric processes, and the potentially strong feedbacks among them, modulate sea ice melt and the transfer of momentum and buoyancy into the upper ocean. For example the influence of wind, waves and passing storms drives highly variable floe size distributions, which impact melt or formation rates of sea ice, momentum and heat transfer, light fields and phytoplankton productivity. This Special Feature presents results from the Marginal Ice Zone program, which included persistent autonomous observations of sea ice, ocean and atmosphere, extensive remote sensing and numerical investigations.

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Collection Articles

Research Article
Field observations and results of a 1-D boundary layer model for developing near-surface temperature maxima in the Western Arctic
Shawn G. Gallaher, Timothy P. Stanton, William J. Shaw, Sung-Ho Kang, Joo-Hong Kim, Kyoung-Ho Cho

Research Article
Modeling the seasonal evolution of the Arctic sea ice floe size distribution
Jinlun Zhang, Harry Stern, Byongjun Hwang, Axel Schweiger, Michael Steele, Margaret Stark, Hans C. Graber

Research Article
Scaling observations of surface waves in the Beaufort Sea
Madison Smith, Jim Thomson

Research Article
Air-sea interactions in the marginal ice zone
Seth Zippel, Jim Thomson

Research Article
A practical algorithm for the retrieval of floe size distribution of Arctic sea ice from high-resolution satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery
Byongjun Hwang, Jinchang Ren, Samuel McCormack, Craig Berry, Ismail Ben Ayed, Hans C. Graber, and Erchan Aptoula

Research Article
Winter-to-summer transition of Arctic sea ice breakup and floe size distribution in the Beaufort Sea
Byongjun Hwang, Jeremy Wilkinson, Edward Maksym, Hans C. Graber, Axel Schweiger, Christopher Horvat, Donald K. Perovich, Alexandra E. Arntsen, Timothy P. Stanton, Jinchang Ren, Peter Wadhams

Practice Bridge
Robust wavebuoys for the marginal ice zone: Experiences from a large persistent array in the Beaufort Sea
Martin J. Doble, Jeremy P. Wilkinson, Lovro Valcic, Jeremy Robst, Andrew Tait, Mark Preston, Jean-Raymond Bidlot, Byongjun Hwang, Ted Maksym, Peter Wadhams

Research Article
Ice and ocean velocity in the Arctic marginal ice zone: Ice roughness and momentum transfer
Sylvia T. Cole, John M. Toole, Ratnaksha Lele, Mary-Louise Timmermans, Shawn G. Gallaher, Timothy P. Stanton, William J. Shaw, Byongjun Hwang, Ted Maksym, Jeremy P. Wilkinson, Macarena Ortiz, Hans Graber, Luc Rainville, Alek A. Petty, Sinéad L. Farrell, Jackie A. Richter-Menge, Christian Haas

Research Article
Observations of thermohaline sound-speed structure induced by internal waves and spice in the summer 2015 Canada Basin marginal ice zone
Dominic DiMaggio, John A. Colosi, John Joseph, Annalise Pearson, Peter F. Worcester, Matthew A. Dzieciuch

Research Article
Seasonal evolution of the sea-ice floe size distribution in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas
Harry L. Stern, Axel J. Schweiger, Margaret Stark, Jinlun Zhang, Michael Steele, Byongjun Hwang

Research Article
On reconciling disparate studies of the sea-ice floe size distribution
Harry L. Stern, Axel J. Schweiger, Jinlun Zhang, Michael Steele