Special Feature: Investigating Marine Transport Processes in the 21st Century

Photo: Bjorn Kallstrom

Photo: Bjorn Kallstrom

Collection launched: 16 Dec 2016


Matthias Obst, Göteborg University

Marine transport processes describe the movement of matter in the ocean from one place to another and across any scale from microscopic to global. This special feature examines important transport processes in the marine environment with particular emphasis on anthropogenic components that have become a part of these processes as well as relevant impacts that may arise from such human alterations. The goal of this issue is to raise attention towards studying marine transport process with a holistic eye by including geological, physico-chemical, biological and socio-economic knowledge.

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Collection Articles

Practice Bridge
Transporting ideas between marine and social sciences: experiences from interdisciplinary research programs
Lucy M. Turner, Ramachandra Bhatta, Louise Eriander, Lena Gipperth, Kerstin Johannesson, Alin Kadfak, Iddya Karunasagar, Indrani Karunasagar, Per Knutsson, Kristjan Laas, Per-Olav Moksnes, Anna Godhe

Research Article
Shipping and the environment: Smokestack emissions, scrubbers and unregulated oceanic consequences
David R. Turner, Ida-Maja Hassellöv, Erik Ytreberg, Anna Rutgersson