Special Feature: Mercury Isotopes: Probing Global and Regional Cycling and Transformation in the Biosphere

Collection launched: 27 Jan 2016

Guest Editors

Holger Hintelmann, Water Quality Centre, Trent University, Canada
Robert Mason, University of Connecticut


Highlights on research using mercury isotopes presented at the ICMGP-2015 Jeju, Korea
Recent advances in analytical instrumentation have facilitated using the stable isotope ratios of mercury (Hg) in examination of Hg fate, transport and bioaccumulation. The discovery of both mass dependent (MDF) and mass independent fractionation (MIF), and improved understanding of the factors surrounding mercury isotope fractionation in the environment, has allowed for the more widespread application and interpretation of Hg isotope ratios beyond that of identifying local source signals. Recent studies have examined complex environmental processes that are difficult to constrain such as aquatic photochemical reduction and demethylation, re-emission from lakes, snow surfaces, and the surface ocean, and from vegetation, and bioaccumulation pathways. Overall, studies using Hg isotopes continue to advance our understanding and play a vital role in fundamental Hg research, confirming or challenging current paradigms. This Special Feature brings together some of the highlights on recent studies and advances in mercury isotopes and their uses from ICMGP in June 2015 in Jeju, Korea and elsewhere.

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Collection Articles

Research Article
Insights from mercury stable isotopes into factors affecting the internal body burden of methylmercury in frequent fish consumers
Miling Li, Katherine von Stackelberg, Christoph M. Rheinberger, James K. Hammitt, David P. Krabbenhoft, Runsheng Yin, Elsie M. Sunderland

Research Article
Mercury isotopes of atmospheric particle bound mercury for source apportionment study in urban Kolkata, India
Reshmi Das, Xianfeng Wang, Bahareh Khezri, Richard D. Webster, Pradip Kumar Sikdar, Subhajit Datta

Research Article
Investigation of Hg uptake and transport between paddy soil and rice seeds combining Hg isotopic composition and speciation
C. Feng, Z. Pedrero, P. Li, B. Du, X. Feng, M. Monperrus, E. Tessier, S. Berail, D. Amouroux

Research Article
Historical (1850–2010) mercury stable isotope inventory from anthropogenic sources to the atmosphere
Ruoyu Sun, David G. Streets, Hannah M. Horowitz, Helen M. Amos, Guijian Liu, Vincent Perrot, Jean-Paul Toutain, Holger Hintelmann, Elsie M. Sunderland, Jeroen E. Sonke

Research Article
Quantifying mercury isotope dynamics in captive Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis)
Sae Yun Kwon, Joel D. Blum, Daniel J. Madigan, Barbara A. Block, Brian N. Popp

Research Article
Sedimentary records of mercury stable isotopes in Lake Michigan
Runsheng Yin, Ryan F. Lepak, David P. Krabbenhoft, James P. Hurley