Special Feature: Reactive Gases in the Global Atmosphere

Collection launched: 27 Feb 2014

Guest Editor

Frank Flocke, NCAR Earth System Laboratory

Insights from contributions to the World Meteorological Organization Global Atmosphere Watch program.
Reactive trace gases in the Earth's atmosphere can have adverse effects on human health, environment and materials, they influence regional climate and are involved in many biogeochemical cycles. Atmospheric chemical reactions also play an important role in cleansing the atmosphere from anthropogenic and natural emissions. Assessing the importance and impacts of reactive gases in the atmosphere requires knowledge of the global distribution and long-term changes in their concentrations. Reactive gases are one of six focal areas in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Program. It aims at establishing a global network of high-quality observations from ground-based, airborne and other platforms that can be used to deliver products and services relevant to scientists, policy makers, and general users in relation to environmental problems listed above.

This Special Feature invites contributions that either describe and analyze GAW measurements or which link to GAW data by performing similar analyses (quality assurance, trend analyses, model-data comparisons) with tropospheric reactive gases observations.

Additional articles under review

Collection Articles

Research Article
Investigation of reactive gases and methane variability in the coastal boundary layer of the central Mediterranean basin
Paolo Cristofanelli, Maurizio Busetto, Francescopiero Calzolari, Ivano Ammoscato, Daniel Gullì, Adelaide Dinoi, Claudia Roberta Calidonna, Daniele Contini, Damiano Sferlazzo, Tatiana Di Iorio, Salvatore Piacentino, Angela Marinoni, Michela Maione, Paolo Bonasoni

Research Article
Variability analyses, site characterization, and regional [OH] estimates using trace gas measurements from the NOAA Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network
Jan Pollmann, Detlev Helmig, Daniel Liptzin, Chelsea R. Thompson, Jacques Hueber, Pieter P. Tans, Jos Lelieveld

Research Article
Diurnal cycle of ozone throughout the troposphere over Frankfurt as measured by MOZAIC-IAGOS commercial aircraft
H. Petetin, V. Thouret, G. Athier, R. Blot, D. Boulanger, J.-M. Cousin, A. Gaudel, P. Nédélec, O. Cooper

Research Article
The Global Atmosphere Watch reactive gases measurement network
Martin G. Schultz, Hajime Akimoto, Jan Bottenheim, Brigitte Buchmann, Ian E. Galbally, Stefan Gilge, Detlev Helmig, Hiroshi Koide, Alastair C. Lewis, Paul C. Novelli, Christian Plass- Dülmer, Thomas B. Ryerson, Martin Steinbacher, Rainer Steinbrecher, Oksana Tarasova, Kjetil Tørseth, Valerie Thouret, Christoph Zellweger

Research Article
Long-term high frequency measurements of ethane, benzene and methyl chloride at Ragged Point, Barbados: Identification of long-range transport events
A.T. Archibald, C.S. Witham, M.J. Ashfold, A.J. Manning, S. O’Doherty, B.R. Greally, D. Young, D.E. Shallcross

Research Article
Climatology and atmospheric chemistry of the non-methane hydrocarbons ethane and propane over the North Atlantic
Detlev Helmig, Mauricio Muñoz, Jacques Hueber, Claudio Mazzoleni, Lynn Mazzoleni, Richard C. Owen, Maria Val-Martin, Paulo Fialho, Christian Plass-Duelmer, Paul I. Palmer, Alastair C. Lewis, Gabriele Pfister

Research Article
Ozone in the Atlantic Ocean marine boundary layer
Patrick Boylan, Detlev Helmig, Samuel Oltmans

Global distribution and trends of tropospheric ozone: An observation-based review
O. R. Cooper, D. D. Parrish, J. Ziemke, N. V. Balashov, M. Cupeiro, I. E. Galbally, S. Gilge, L. Horowitz, N. R. Jensen, J.-F. Lamarque, V. Naik, S. J. Oltmans, J. Schwab, D. T. Shindell, A. M. Thompson, V. Thouret, Y. Wang, R. M. Zbinden

Research Article
Representativeness of the IAGOS airborne measurements in the lower troposphere
H. Petetin, M. Jeoffrion, B. Sauvage, G. Athier, R. Blot, D. Boulanger, H. Clark, J.-M. Cousin, F. Gheusi, P. Nedelec, M. Steinbacher, V. Thouret

Research Article
Stability of gaseous volatile organic compounds contained in gas cylinders with different internal wall treatments
George C. Rhoderick, Christina E. Cecelski, Walter R. Miller, David R. Worton, Sergi Moreno, Paul J. Brewer, Joële Viallon, Faraz Idrees, Philippe Moussay, Yong Doo Kim, Dalho Kim, Sangil Lee, Annarita Baldan, Jianrong Li