Special Features: Guidelines

Elementa welcomes proposals for Special Features, a set of related articles addressing themes or projects of broad interest, typically 4–10 articles in each group, usually including a synthesizing Commentary. Special Features may fall within a single knowledge domain or be cross-listed under two or more domains; in either case, a single Editor-in-Chief will be responsible for overseeing the entire Special Feature.

Publishing a Special Feature with Elementa provides a unique opportunity for a team of authors to present research that addresses a specific theme or that derives from a joint project. Whether your research falls into a single discipline, or multiple knowledge domains, Elementa’s rigorous promotion of Special Features will reach a wide variety of fellow researchers, policy-makers, and the interested public worldwide.

Submission Requirements

Title: Each Special Feature should have a title of no more than 150 characters.

Guest Editor or principal investigator: In some cases, the peer-review process will be managed by the principal investigator proposing the Special Feature, acting as Guest Editor in place of an Elementa Associate Editor. In other cases, the Editor-in-Chief may appoint an independent Guest Editor (acting in place of an Elementa Associate Editor), or have his or her Associate Editors manage the review process.

Special Feature components: When proposing a Special Feature, we will need you to provide us with the following information:

  • The knowledge domain or domains that the Special Feature would fall within;
  • List of articles expected, including article type, title, and contact information for each corresponding author;
  • Deadline for submission of articles within the Special Feature, generally no more than six months from acceptance of the Special Feature proposal.

Summarizing Commentary: The Guest Editor (or principal investigator) may, if he or she chooses, submit a Commentary summarizing the Special Feature, situating the articles comprising it in a coherent context. Such Commentaries are formal articles, subject to review.

Please note that articles within Special Features may be any of those article types published by Elementa: Research Article, Review, Policy Bridge, Practice Bridge, or Commentary (for more information, see Article Types & Format).

Benefits of Publishing a Special Feature with Elementa

Rapid publication: Articles within Special Features will be published as they are finalized, each standing on its own merits individually.

Promotion: A dedicated page will be created for your Special Feature including the list of articles published and forthcoming. When the Special Feature is completed, we will promote it on social media, to appropriate listservs and organizations, and to the Elementa information subscriber list.

Related content: If you choose, we will host content related to your research topic, such as expedition videos, slideshows, and interviews. These will be displayed on the dedicated Special Feature page.

If you would like to propose a Special Feature, please fill out the form below:

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