Special Feature: The Extinction of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Is It Possible?

Collection launched: 20 Oct 2016

Guest Editor: Paulo Moutinho, Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)

Assessing social, environmental and institutional factors for continued success

Conversion of forests to agriculture in the Brazilian Amazon has been a major contributor to global GHG emissions. Since 2005, deforestation has declined by 70%, presumably as a result of expanded protected areas, more sustainable supply chains, farmer compensation, law enforcement, and other programs. Given growing demands for soy, beef and other commodities and recent policy shifts, is this reduction sustainable? And will the predicted effects of climate change outweigh progress in GHG reductions? In this Special Feature, we look at why deforestation rates have declined and how to achieve both zero deforestation and regional prosperity by 2020.

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Ensia has published the following article by Paulo Moutinho in collaboration with this Elementa Special Feature: Is zero deforestation possible for the Brazilian Amazon?

Associate Editor Paulo Moutinho contributes to NPR conversation on Amazon deforestation concerns.

Additional articles under review.

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Collection Articles

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Frank Merry, Britaldo Soares-Filho

Deforestation in the Amazon: What is illegal and what is not?
Antônio Carlos Hummel 

Research Article
Contributions of fallow lands in the Brazilian Amazon to CO2 balance, deforestation and the agrarian economy: Inequalities among competing land use trajectories
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Achieving zero deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: What is missing?
Paulo Moutinho, Raissa Guerra, Claudia Azevedo-Ramos

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Andrea A. Azevedo, Marcelo C. C. Stabile, Tiago N. P. Reis

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The evolution of Brazilian forest concessions
Claudia Azevedo-Ramos, José Natalino Macedo Silva, Frank Merry

Research Article
Epidemiologically inspired approaches to land-use policy evaluation: The influence of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
Marcelo A. Costa, Raoni Rajão, Marcelo C.C. Stabile, Andrea A. Azevedo, Juliano Correa

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Asymmetries of cattle and crop productivity and efficiency during Brazil’s agricultural expansion from 1975 to 2006
Gerd Sparovek, Vinicius Guidotti, Luís Fernando Guedes Pinto, Göran Berndes, Alberto Barretto, Felipe Cerignoni